Mayan Warfare


Every Mayan participated in the army so there were many ranks some ranks were: the king, commanders, the elite, nobles, foot soldiers, and priests.

The higher ranks had better weapons like quetzal pelts that are little dart like weapons that you threw at the enemy. And the lower ranks had spears, clubs and slingshots.

        When a city-state won a war they killed their captives and made them suffer in the worst ways possible.

        The Mayans dressed up for war some costumes looked like jaguars, eagles and all sorts of other birds to give them the strength, speed and cleverness of wild animals.

Mayan Kings

            The king came to power because he was believed to have come from heaven and descended for the gods.
         If the king was very powerful, the nearby city-states were under his control for a while.

        The Mayans feared that if the empire became too big the king’s dynasty would collapse so when that happened, the queen would take over for the king. When peace was restored the king was in charge again and life when back to normal.

         The king could never unify all the city-states even if he was very powerful so wars happened all the time and that caused the Mayan downfall. They couldn’t work together so when the Spanish came they didn’t stand a chance!!!!