Mayan Pottery

  • The Mayas art was very beautiful.Potters worked clay with their hands. Vases would be beautifully colored with scenes painted on them. The artists would make art for kings, nobles and priests.The artists made their artwork out of stone, bone, flint and jade.         
    Traders brought back pottery, jewelry, and stuff for craftsmen to make objects with such as, feathers, shells and precious stones.  



raftsmen would be inventive in Maya.Craftsmen in different cities had different styles of art. Craft workers sometimes mixed different styles of pots and jewelery. The Maya carved masks out of stone and would use tiles to make  beautiful designs by tiling  them.

Mayan poetry was very different then our poetry. The Maya’s poetry didn’t rhyme or do anything you think regular poetry was. Their poetry was more like a story then poetry.


Legends and Stories


Mayan Stories

Legends and stories they would use as feelings.Like they made up a legend about two brothers who were really amazing at pok-a-tok and by their playing they upset the underworld gods.The gods invited the twin's to play a game in the underworld; the twin's defeated the gods and came back out alive! All to show they didn't want to die.



Mayan Glyphs

The Maya wrote about a lot of things.There were eight hundred hieroglyphs of the Maya. Many of the Maya cultures would use pictures for both drawing and glyphs.If they drew pictures it would be based off of a object,sound, another picture or idea. Many of the glyphs had two meanings.Sometimes Mayas used more than one glyph to spell a word out by sound.The maya wrote stories of many things wars, special events,marriages,births,religion,and even stars and planets they were studying. Maya thought writing was a gift from the gods. Mayans often carved writing out of stone,wood,monuments or buildings. Mayans thought people who could write had special powers so they could talk with gods. They wrote on walls,pottery, and paper.The paper was made out of fig tree bark or deer skin.They used porcupine quill brushes to write on the paper and fold to make something called a codex.



Codices is plural for codex.[Books of the ancient Maya.]The Spanish took over Maya cities and burned almost all of the codices.There are only four codices left today from the Maya.Codices tel about their religion,star’s,planet’s,and the Mayan calendar.

Work And Leisure

Splitting time between work and leisure was a hard thing to do. The Maya grew and made everything they needed so they did not trade very often.Traders mostly brought back goods for all of the people in the city.The men would farm and make pots while the women cooked and wove cloth and baskets. The Maya had big families so there were enough people to make and grow all the food, pots, and other goods that people needed.

There was not much leisure. Leisure could be watching the Mayan ball game called Pok-a-Tok. If men had time for leisure they would take baths,their wives would make for them. In  a woman's very small spare time, she would weave beautiful cloth. Eating would be a part of Mayan leisure.