Mayan Natural Resources

     The Mayans were very rich in natural resources. Here are some of them. There was corn that they mashed to make flour they used to make tortillas and they soaked the corn kernels to eat and they the ate corn plain.
    They used the cacao pod to make drinks and for currency. There was jade they used to make jewelery and masks. The Mayans made a drink like beer out of corn kernels. Like the jade they had flint,granite and obsidian that the used to make tools and some jewelery.


Geography of the Yucatan

        The Mayans had different geography in the different parts of the Yucatan peninsula. Here is some of what the land is like.
      There is low lying rain forest and the wet season and the dry season. Through the rain forest they had trading routes. The weather was and still is nice, warm, tropical.

Mayan Animals

 The mayans domesticated many animals. They domesticated turkeys and dogs. Some dogs were used for hunting and they were also used for sacrifices and food.